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Ontology2: Home of Real Semantics

Ontology2 technology

Real Semantics framework unifies structured SQL and noSQL data (time series and geospatial) with logical facts, rules and opinions captured from full-text documents and documentation.

Real Semantics universal model enables multiple model architecture: for instance, at different levels of abstraction, Real Semantics represents different viewpoints will full fidelity. Real Semantics sees all data records as graphs which can be combined formally and be worked on and reconciled with a rich range of interchangable tools.

Real Semantics Applications

Ontology2 Finance

interpretive browser for Global LEI data; rebuilt and redeployed daily in a cloud environment

Real Semantics loads data into Elasticsearch and configures Kibi for full-powered interactive visualization

Linked Data

Running as a Desktop Application, Real Semantics deploys resources in the cloud to create the best edition of the best DBpedia version ever -- with a curated combination of hardware, software and data that creates your own private SPARQL endpoint with just one click.

Ontology2 incorporates knowledge from public data such as DBpedia and Freebase to enrich applications like and ny-pictures. Real Semantics uses such general purpose data sets to seed the rapid development of knowledge based targeted at specific business applications.