Here is a list of modules that are part of the Real Semantics system:
Software for sending and managing bulk emails, closely related to sns-lambda.
This parent project is for Ontology2 products such as the web site and email marketing system that are proprietary and probably not of interest to Real Semantics users, so we've split them out into a separate Git repository and put them under another parent project. A large number of dependency management entries have been copied wholesale from the the real-semantics-parent POM but these should be pared back and/or inherited once we actually have a working web site.
This is based on the lei-webapp project, with some version number bumps that I think are appropriate. The short term goal is to primarily host a static web site, with some mechanism of including the "real semantics book". I want to get much of the functionality used in the lei-webapp into projects that can be included into both of these projects and we're on the first step of that journey.