Datasheet: Ontology 2 edition of DBpedia 2016-04

What's in the Box?

The Ontology2 edition of DBpedia 2015-10 consists of:

  1. Ubuntu Linux 14.04LTS
  2. OpenLink Virtuoso Open Source Edition (7 Development Line/2016-09-30)
  3. A collection of shell scripts that support automation (RDFEasy)
  4. A database containing facts and information from the English language DBpedia 2016-04.

This package was constructed with Real Semantics software from Ontology2; aspects of Real Semantics are patent pending in the United States.

How to get it

This product is on the AWS Marketplace and, if you have an AWS account, it can be provisioned with a single click, by going here.

Using it

Once the system is initialized (this may take 90 minutes at the first boot) you can run SPARQL queries against the data with the included OpenLink Virtuoso Open Source Edition database. See the tutorial to learn how to log in and write queries.

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How is it different from the DBpedia public SPARQL endpoint?

The DBpedia foundation provides a SPARQL endpoint free of charge. Although this is fine for getting started, the public SPARQL endpoint is a shared resource which can support only queries of limited complexity and which contains only a subset of the facts in Wikipedia. Specificially:

As the Ontology2 edition is a dedicated resource, you have the ability to run queries of arbitrary complexity that may time out on the public endpoint. Overall you are likely to experience better performance and may experience better reliability as you are isolated from the actions of other users.

Getting Support

There is a public mailing list for our AWS marketplace products at Google Groups.

The team at Ontology2 has extensive experience with Linked Data projects including DBpedia, Freebase, and other data sources; we've used this data for public web sites such as ny-pictures and our Legal Entity Identifier lookup. In particular, we're experienced at identifying and solving the data quality problems that people frequently experience with open data. Please contact us at

End User License

Users of this AMI are bound to this End User License Agreement. Users are allowed to use the data and software in this product in any way compatible with the original software licenses, which include